Warid Monthly Internet Package

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Package Title: Warid Monthly Internet Package

Package Network: Warid Telecom

Package Detail: As I said warid have the amazing internet packages to use on mobile. Warid providing allot of Internet package to their users that they can use in different rates. After warid daily internet package now this is warid monthly internet package that is for one month in just 30+tax rupees. In this package you will get warid 10mb bucket for one month use only. Warid all internet package can be activate by sending one sms to 7777. Warid monthly internet package can alseo activate by sending 10mb to 7777.

How to Active: Send a sms to 7777 by typing 10MB in sms to active this package. Example: 10mb and send to 7777

Package Charges: This package charges are 30+tax rupess/month.

Note: Sms to 7777 will be charged 1.2+tax. You can check your GPRS remaining by typing *200*4#