Use Free Facebook on Warid

Adminless, Without kick banned free chat room


Service Title: Free Facebook Access on Warid

Service Network: Warid Telecom

Service Detail: Warid is a huge community network that also allow their your to use internet on mobile using warid sim. Due to great interest of people in Facebook, warid has launched new service to their user for free. You can use free Facebook and Facebook messenger on your mobile using Warid sim. You need just active the free Facebook service on your warid sim, then you can use Free Facebook without any fee.

How to Active: You need tosend a sms on 7777 from your warid sim. Just go to your text messages and write FB and send it to 7777. Example: Fb and send to 7777

Service Charges: New activation charges 1+tax rupees. then free for any time.

Note: This service is valid till 30April 2013.