Jazz Monthly Internet Package

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Package Title: Jazz Monthly Internet Package

Package Network: Jazz/Mobilink

Package Detail: Another most effective jazz internet package is jazz monthly internet package that is provide to all jazz customers. When jazz released jazz daily internet package after that jazz think that one another package would be released for that users whom use jazz internet daily. So, they launched new jazz monthly internet package. In this package jazz is providing 1GB data to use in one month. If you have use complete full 1GB data then you need to again active package. Its mean you are providing just 1gb data to use. If you have completed before the one month then you need to reactive the package to use more internet on jazz.

How to Active: Type the code*114*33# to active this package.

Package Charges: This package charges are 149.99+tax/month.

Note: This package will be activate for just one month. If you used 1gb data before the month then you need to reactive this package.