Jazz Internet Setting For Android


Service Title: Jazz Internet Setting For Android

Service Network: Jazz/Mobilink

Service Detail: Jazz is one famous network that allowing user to use internet on mobile. Jazz is also providing allot of best internet packages in cheap rates. Jazz internet packages are most useable and available on cheap rate that are availabe for daily internet packages, weekly and monthly internet packages. But as you know every external part need to install driver on the server same as Jazz need to install internet setting on mobile. Some window mobile can install internet setting automatically but android mobile can’t install internet setting automatically.

Jazz internet setting for android can manually by going to setting of your mobile. Here you will get complete detail to find the internet connection setting and how to install Jazz internet setting on android mobiles. You don’t need to charge any free for jazz internet setting, you can install jazz internet setting free.

How to Install/Setting: All android mobiles having not same software or app. Every mobile have the different software. So, you need to find the Mobile or Network setting then go to Access Points Name then Add new Access Point Name with the following setting.

Access Name: Mobilink

APN for Prepaid: jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com

APN for Postpaid Users: connect.mobilinkworld.com

After adding the above setting just save the Access Point name. For Prepaid and Postpad mean if you are using Billing Sim mean Postpaid Sim then use the connect.mobilinkworld.com in APN, and if you are using Prepaid Sim then use the jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com in APN.

Service Charges: This setting charges are free.

Note: If your internet not running please restart your mobile and then try to use.