Free Call Warid to Warid

Adminless, Without kick banned free chat room


Service Title: Free Call Warid to Warid

Service Network: Warid Telecom

Service Detail: Warid is announcing the new interesting and free service called free call warid to warid. This service is for those people that want to free call warid to warid. In this service you can call on your warid number free. When you will call to your warid number using the this service code, then if the other warid number accept this service then you will call free and the balance will charge by the others receiver customer. You need to use a code that provided by warid before the the number on that you want to call. Keep in mind if the call receiver will not accept it then your call will not be free, mean to make free call the receiver must accept it.

How to Active: You need to dial *103* before the number to active this service. Example: *103*Number#

Service Charges: This service activation charges are just Rs 0.3+tax/day.

Note: Call charge will be pay the call receiver on accepting the service.