Find Your Love Compatibility on Warid

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Service Title: Find Your Love Compatibility on Warid

Service Network: Warid Telecom

Service Detail: Where warid have the other nice services there warid is also providing love and friendship compatibility finding. In this service you can find Find Your Love Compatibility or also your friendship compatibility. You need to just send your and your friend or lover name to 275. You can send any type of name 2 boys name or 2 girls name. You can get complete love or friendship compatibility by sending a sms to 275. This service is best for lovers to find the love compatibility between them. If you are going to use it I wish you good luck. 🙂

How to Active: Go to Write message and type Love then Your name space and your love or friend name. Example: Love Asad Sana send to 275.

Service Charges: This warid service charges are unknow.

Note: You can send girl or boys name also.