Exam sms

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We Indian student are always the best..

Look how we study

1) B4 paper unnecessary sms to frndz.

2) Plan each day to study but end of d day:
“Kal se pakka”

3) We waste all our tym in counting chapterz instead of doing them.

4) We want break after evrey 2pages

5) Unnecessarily we start feeling hungry

6) We even start likeing doordarshan

7) About evrey hard topic we think:
“lagta nahi ke ye aayega”

8 ) B4 starting study, msg frndz
“Kitna padha? mein kya padhu?”

9) Right now u r thinking of forwarding this msg to ur frndz.

10) On each point u smiled, n thought
“Hum pr to bilkul suit krta hai”